Gujarat Violence in 2002

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Gujarat Violence in 2002

Gujarat Violence in 2002

During the next few days a battle erupted in the narrow streets, increasing the death count by 24

Over 1000 troops were deployed to Gujarat to try to eliminate the turmoil and violence but the war did not stop and the people did not see the governement as doing enough to help the people.

Due to the violence and fear between Muslim and Hindu, over 100,000 Muslim's fled to refugee camps.

The Muslim mob set a train filled with Hindu's ablaze, killing 59 and causing more tension between the two groups.


''It's sheer madness ruling the streets,'' -Store owner in Gujarat. ''There's no security in our lives -- nobody can predict what will happen where.''

''The slightest provocation could start a riot,'

In revenge a few Hindu vitims were stabbed, stoned or burned to death and then dumped into a well

Starts in a western Gujarat state that is patrolled. There is an uprising by Muslim and Hindu that caused 16 deaths and over 50 injured

Two days later a Muslim teacher is burned to death and in return 14 people died and 45 were wounded.

''The government must do whatever's needed to stop the violence,''

'This can't be allowed to go on.''


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