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I first started playing guitar when I was in 3rd grade. My dad got me an acoustic guitar and started to teach me how to play. When I went in 4th grade, he got me an electric acoustic guitar and I started taking guitar lessons from a teacher. I've been playing guitar since then, making me a guitar player for 4 years and counting.

Guitarsby: Makayla Borge

Guitar characteristics:Most guitars have 6 strings, but some have 12 strings. Mostly all guitars have a hole in the center, but bass guitars, electric guitars, and more don't. Different guitars have different chords, strings, and sounds, and have different places for the tuners.

HistoryWhile it is speculated than an Italian by the name of Gaetano Vinaccia was the first person in guitar history to create the framework of an acoustic guitar, Spaniard Antonio Torres Jurado is credited with building the first guitar in the body and shape that we recognize in modern guitars today.

Guitars originated in Malaga, Spain in the 15th century. When they were first made, they orginally had 4 string. Over time, the creator decided to use 6 strings.

Fun fact:

The Beatles had 3 guitar players, and 1 drummer.

Guitar facts

This is what an acoustic guitar looks like

Types of guitarsacoustic, electric, twelve string, archtop, steel, resonator, bass, double-neck, classic/spanish, flamenco, semi-acoustic


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