Guitars of the Greats

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Guitars of the Greats

Guitars ofthe Greats

Jimi plays the blues with a strat

Clapton & the Gibson Firebird on "Crossroads"

It's about the sound you want to create. Blues with heavy sustain? The Gibson...Rock with tremolo bar and feedback? The Fender Strat...Folk rock?The Telecaster...Eric Clapton says " Once it [the guitar] stops taking you down the road it's time to move on to the next one."

Freddie King & the Les Paul on "Hideaway"

Jeff Beck & his strat

Mike Bloomfield plays a Gibson Les Paul

Gibson and Fender continueto be the guitar of choice for all the great blues and rock guitarists

Freddie King uses a Gibson ES-335 & Goldtop

Robbie Robertsonand his Telecaster

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Slash with his Gibson Gold Top asks: can you hear the difference?

Frank Zappa & his Gibson SG

How to Choose an electric guitar?


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