Guinea pigs

by Princesspma
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Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs rock! They like cucumbers! AND LOVE YOU! ONLY GUINEA PIGS!

Guinea pigs are cute! They are shy at first and need vitamin C. You can walk them on a leash!

Remember to clean your cage !

You need to play with them or they will make lots of noise! Buy a ball or get lots of toys. hold them and play with them

You need lots of things like a good hiding spot plus food, a cage and water bottle and a food dish and a ball or toys.

They love to chew. If you do not give them any thing to chew on their teeth will grow so big that they cannot eat! They will need vitamin C or they will get sick! They need their nails clipped or they will curl and dip into the foot of the guinea pig! If you want to find a guinea pig not at Petsmart go to Indina! Go to Petsmart if you just want to buy one! Did you know they eat guinea pigs in Mexico! If you want to learn more go to guinea pig!


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