guinea pigs

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guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs

To take care of a pet guinea pig you will need a soild bottem cage that is 4 sguare feet of room,Guinea pig pellets,wood shavings,grass hay,toys(mainly wood),brush or comb for grooming,food bowl ,and a water bottle that hooks on the side of the cage.

The cavy guinea pig is an ancestor to a pet guinea pig.

They are from Peru,Chile,and other neighboring around south America. Wild guinea pigs are brown or gray in color,and some times they can be black.

Guinea pigs can eat red and green bell peppers,broccoi,kale,carrots,romaine lettuce, celery,fresh grass,apples,and more.

A group of guinea pigs are called herds.The leader is called a boar.Also called a wise male leader.

Some people think that wild guinea pigs are meat eaters. They are not they are herbavores.


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