Guinea Ecuatorial

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Guinea Ecuatorial

Guinea Ecuatorial

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The average of the maximum temperature is higher than 83 degrees fahrenheit,for January. In celcius,it's higher than 30 degrees. For July,it is higher than 75 degrees fahrenheit. In celcius,it's higher than 27 degrees. The average of the minimum temperature is higher than 68 degrees fahrenheit,for July and January. In celcius,they're both higher than 20 degrees. So it is very warm,year round. The average of rainfall is 15 days per month,which means it rains a lot. This is why Malabo has a tropical climate.

Tres datos únicos

1.) The official languages are French and Spanish.2.) Guinea has major trading partners such as,South Korea,Spain,US,Italy,and France.3.) Most of the population is Roman Catholic while some are practicing native beliefs.

Las Hijas del Sol is a famous Equatoguinean duo from Malabo.

Bioko Island's Beaches has only one white-sand beach called Arena Blanca,which several butterflies can be found during dry season.

Kongodo (Peanut Brittle)

Pescado con dos salsas(Fish with two sauces)

Makara (Banana Fritters)

Albóndigas de Sardinas(Sardine meatballs)

Tortilla de Calabaza(Egusi seed omelette)

La comida típica


Guinea Ecuatorial is located in West Africa. It shares borders with Gabon and Cameroon. It is divided into two parts which are,a mainland and islands. The mainland is mainly forest. Bioko rises to two main peaks in the north and south. The southern area is rocky and unapproachable.On other slopes,there are some colonies and cultivation. Yet,the beaches around the islands are beautiful.


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