Guiding the Gifted

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Guiding the Gifted

Building Self Esteem @ School

*Be aware of how a teacher's verbal & non-verbal communication can impact the gifted student, even more so than the general education student.

*Schedule time for gifted students and the teacher to share personal successes, and in time personal trials. Let students know you care about them personally.

Self Esteem Challenges for Gifted Students

*Create a Student Advisory for gifted students

Traits that Prevent Identifying Giftedness

Gifted Students Need Our Help With...

* Understanding how to measure "success"

1. Work hard in one subject area, but completely neglect others

Your gifted child might ...

2. Alienate him/herself from students and adults who do not share their viewpoint.

3. Resent people who expect them to "toe the line" with activities/rules they feel are unnecessary

4. Correct adults who they feel are giving incorrect information. and/or become didactic about topics they feel passionate about.

* Gifted students are sensitve to people's reactions at an early age, leading to early development of self esteem.

* Gifted students, at an early age, being to associate their personal "value" to their performance in school.

* Gifted students believe that "perfection" is attainable & not reaching that goal leads to a powerful negative impact on self esteem.

Support & Guidance Follow Up Spring 2010

Kimberly DeFusco

* Understanding what it means to be gifted

* Coping skills when dealing with their asynchronous development

* Dealing with & overcoming other people's expectations on them.


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