Guiding principles for supporting new literacies

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Guiding principles for supporting new literacies

Principle #1: Keep Your Eye on the Moving TargetTechnology changes quicklyAlways new ways for literacy learningIt's impossible to know everything there is to know about technology!Accessibility and little to no cost!Increased use of technology in educational settings such as voice thread and glogster.

Principle #2: Recognize the Complexity of New LiteraciesAn inquiry based modelSkills different from those needed for traditional reading comprehension activitiesForced to “navigate their own paths through an infinite informational space to construct their own versions of the online texts they will read”Critically evaluate sourcesDifferent representations of content

Principle #4: Reconsider Assessment MethodsAssess from most basic to complexKnow the students strengths and weaknessesLearning curve for using different technology websites (inserting graphics, adding audio, etc)

Students are still unfamiliar with technology

Digital Literacy: the ability to effectively and critically navigate, evaluate, and create information using a range of digital technology.

"Students must be encouraged to use the capabilities technology affords them to develop rich, dynamic, forward-thinking presentations of their knowledge."


Principle #3: Digital Natives Still Have a Lot to LearnTwo most common assumptions:Students know how to turn on thecomputer, type in the URL, anduse a mouseThey are able to navigate websites.As teachers, teach curriculum goals for the students' individual needsDetermine what students actually know and do not assume what they know

How to AssessOngoingEvaluate how students use technologyDo they get the point across? (Content with the aid of technology)Keep the assessment conversation going with colleagues

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