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Guided Reading

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Guided Reading

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What Is Guided Reading?Guided Reading is an instructional setting that enables a teacher to work with a small group of students to help them learn effective strategies for processing text with understanding. The principles underpinning the practice of Guided Reading are concerned with the teaching of comprehension strategies and the development of critical literacy.

Watch this video to see the components of a Guided Reading lesson.

What are the components of a Guided Reading lesson?

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Research Behind Guided Reading~ Children's reading improves as the teacher provides appropriate and focused instruction in a small group setting.~Guided Reading is an effective approach when implemented appropriately.~Teachers need professional development to instruct them in the components of guided reading..~There is an increase in reading comprehension skills through the use of graphic organizers and guided reading.~The use of leveled readers during Guided Reading leads to an improvement in comprehension.

~The teacher provides the same book or text to all students at the student's independent level.~Introduce the story.~Discuss visual information.~Practice reading difficult words in the text. ~Make predictions of what will happen in the story.

~Discuss the entire text.~Discuss preditions that were made.~React personally to the text.~Think about the text, within the text, and beyond the text.~ Lead extention activities or word work.

~Listen to students read.~Observe the reader's strategies~Interact with the reader to make predictions, answer questions, and problem-solve words.~Take running records.~ Make notes on the strategies the students use.


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