Guided Reading Reflection

by Jeslyn7
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Language Arts

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Guided Reading Reflection

City Animals is an informative book that introduces readers to animals that may be found in cities. Students will read about unusual city animals, such as hawks and opossums and animals with which they are more familiar, such as dogs and squirrels.

Reading is fun!


Guided ReadingGuided Reading is extremely important in helping students practice their basic reading skills and I learned it is a great opportunity to introduce them to new ideas and concepts!

Being from a bigger city, I wanted to introduce some different types of animals to the students besides the typical "farm" animals they may be used to. I chose the book "City Animals" and the students seemed to really enjoy it! They were not sure of some animals, which was what I was hoping for, so I could introduce them to some new ideas. It was an awesome experience!

Introducing new things

Familiar animals...

Pigeons in the city



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