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Guided Reading Glog

Coparticipants in the participatory action research (PAR) project "indicated that guided reading was one approach that provides automatic differentiation of curriculum and that it provides a structure to reach all of the students."

Do you have concerns about how to meet the range of diverse needs within your classroom, particularly in the area of literacy instruction?

Guided Reading in Inclusive Middle Years Classrooms

Guided Reading in a 3rd Grade Classroom

Leveled Text

Small-Group Instruction

Teaching Effective Reading Strategies

Independent Activities

By: Wanda Lyons and Scott Anthony Thompson

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Why guided reading?

Impacts on Student Reading-80% of students advanced one or more levels (over a 3-4 month period)-Student gains in decoding and higher level thinking questions-Opportunities to offer immediate feedback and individualized instruction-Increase in student confidence-Increase in student engagement in guided reading groups

Thoughts?What benefits do you do believe guided reading has to offer learners in grade three and above?



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