Guide To Studying History

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Guide To Studying History

Untill lions have their historians, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.

Guide to Studying History

History is like a puzzle. An old 100,000 piece puzzle, that has multiple pieces missing. What I'm saying is history is very big and hard to understand. So next time you say history is easy,think about that. Think about how big history, and how many big to huge parts it has to it, how many civilizations, governments, wars. History has not been completely discovered, their are many artifacts still waiting to be found.

History is a complicated collection of stories. It has many "chapters" and ideas resulting in a very large collection of stories. So large that is is almost impossible to know about it all. History also includes everything and everyone,from the smallest atom to the largest mountain.

History is...

Studying history is important because it can give you information so yu don't go mad wondering what was beafore you

Rule #2Ask good questons to help in the process of research.

Studying history is important because it can give people something to live by so they won't have a free for all

Rule # 1Look closley what you are resaerching or looking at.

Rule #3try to find the side of the story that isn't being told. You need to do this, because with only one side of the story you will only have one perspective. If you have multiple perspectives you will have two or more sides of the story you can see what is not bieng told in one side of the story. It is like that quote,"Until lions have their historians, the story's of the huunt will always glorify the hunter".

Rule #4Avoid jumping into conclusions-think it out first. This is because if you don't think about what you are concluding your conclusion won't make sense. If you are writing a paper, there will be typos, incomplete sentences, and generally not very descriptive sentences.


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