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Guidance and Counceling

Gifted Girls*be a coach, not a judge*emphasize substance over appearance*have high expectations*facilitate cooperative activities with others they fell comfortable with*turn down pressure to be social*encourage them to read about success of women*allow to explore interests

My final thoughts on questions posed ...*In the past, I really have not had any fears or prejudices towards gifted learners. If I must say, the only concern I've ever had has been that of being able to meet their needs and keep them challenged. This class has provided me with many tools and insights that I really had never considered. I learned about the importance of keeping the child's emotianal well-being in the forefront and that they have many vulnerabilities that I must be aware of if I am to meet the needs of the "whole" child. *I've only encountered one bad experience with a parent of a gifted student. This parent's only concern was that there were other children who were not like her child (meaning gifted) and were of other ethnic groups. This was a difficult year, but her child did well in my class. I believe parents and teachers must end up “on the right side of the street” regarding educational services for gifted kids. There is no either side of the street. We must work together to find a happy medium and decide what would be in the best interest of the child. Whether that is acceleration to another grade or other services.

Myths about Gifted Learners:*homogenous group, all high achievers*have fewer problems*self-directed*future is assued*can accompish anything*naturally creative

Over-Excitabilities*psychomotor: movement, restlessness, drive, active, energetic*sensual: differentiation and aliveness of sensual experiences*imaginational: vividness of imagery, richness of association, faciity for dreams, fantasies, and inventions, animisms and personificatons, liking the unusual*intellectual: avidity for knowledge, discovery, questioning, love of ideas and theoretical analysis, search for truth*emotional: great depth and intensity of emotional life expressed in a wide reange of feelings, compassion, attachments, heightened sense of responsibility, self-examination

Intrapersonal and Interpersoanl Skills:Gifted learners must learncoping strategies to assist them with their vulnerabilities and daily life skills. As educators, parents and medical relations, we can assist them as part of their support group by: *providing techniques for conflict resolution and assertiveness*assisting them with time management strategies*helping them learn decision-making strategies*helping them find outlets for emotions – joys, frustrations, fears, anger, etc. (journals, literature, music)*helping them with goal setting (both short and long term)*teaching creative problem-solving techniques*providing opportunities for different circle of friends*providing opportunities for them to learn more about world events and teaching them to search for careers that address their deep concerns

Vulnerabilities*Worry and anxiety*Bullying and teasing*Heightenedsensitivities*Uneven development*Perfectionism*Adult expectations*Self definition *Alienation*Socially Inept/withdrawn

Truths about Gifted Learners:*often perfectionists and idealistic*heightened sensitivities*asynchronous*"mappers" (sequential learners)*problem solvers*abstract thinkers

Gifted Boys*support and nurture, not pressure*allow to explore interests*academic instruction appropriate to their abilities*attention that balances cultural and familial expectations of males

Support:A nurturing circle of family friends and educators is a vital part of learning to cope and deal with giftedness and its challenges. This emotional support will assist in developing coping mechanisms and the building of relationships with other peers and/or adults that may help the student with their emotional regulation.

Guidance and Counseling: Final ProjectMabel Peña


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