Guatemalan Music 1600s-1800s

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Guatemalan Music 1600s-1800s

European InfluenceGuatemala was invaded for the first time by Spanish Explorers in 1524. Before the rest of the New World, Guatemala was introduced to the European Style. The music was first spread by Spanish Missionaries. Choral singing began due to this Spanish in the Guatamemala City Cathedral.

InstrumentsThe marimba is an instrument believed to be brought over to Guatemala by African Slaves. Folk music was typically played with percussion instruments such as the idiophones and the membranaphones. There was even an instrument known as the "tortuga" which was a tortoise shell drum. There were other drums too, such as the primero and the segundo which were made of wood.

Guatemala 1600-1800s

Hernando Franco (1532-85) He is famous for writing "Magnificat" which reveals control of both the technical and the expressive aspects of contemporary Spanish polyphony.He was a very impressive man who shaped the music that is still used today in Guatemala.

Significant Musicians:Manuel Jose de Quiros (Composer, in picture)Rafael Antonio Castellanos Dora Perez de Zarate

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