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Topography -Tropical plains - Pacific Ocean - Volcanoes/ Volcanic Belt - Mount Tajumulco - 3 deep river valleys; Motagua, Polochi, Sartsum form Carribean lowland and Banana plantation.

HISTORY Ancient Mayan civilization used the land until Guatemala was conquerd by Spanish conquistador Pedro de Alvarado in 1524 and bacame a republic in 1839 after united Provinces of Central America collasped. From 1898 to 1920, dictator Manuel Estrada Cabrera ran the country, and from 1931 to 1944, Gen. Jorge Ubico castaneda served as strongman. Guatemala Civil War 1960-1996. Suffered more than 36 years. It formally ended with the signing of the peace Accords at the end of 1996.


Guatemala is a constitutional democracy republic that is divided in 22 departments and 3 branches consisting of theexecutive,legislative, and the judicial. Current president, Alfonso Portillo of the Guatemala Republican Front (FRG) was elected by a landslide victory in his December 1999 campaign against candidant Oscar Berger of the National Advancement Party (PAN).The FRG and PAN are 2 major political parties active in Guatemala today. Current leader is Otto Perez Molina.

Guatemala: 14.63°N,90.50°WGuatemala City: 14.61°N, 90.53°WSouth of Mexico, west of Belize, and East of Pacific Ocean.Population: 15.47 million

ECONOMICS The currency is Guatemalan quetzal. The main imports are: Refined petroleum, Cars, Packaged Medicaments, Delivery trucks and Broadcasting equimpent. Mainly comes from USA, Mexico, China, El Salvador, and Colombia. The main exports are Coffe, Raw sugar, Banana's, gold, and precious Metal ore. Mainly sent to USA, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico,and Costa Rica.

Top 3 things to do: 1. Explore and Visit the ancient Mayans ruins. 2. Water sports: In Lake Izabal, Rio Dulce, and lake Atitlan, are good for windsurfing, altitude diving, some other lakes have more movement so perfect for boating and rapids.3. Admire and visit, explore, the natrual wonder of Semuc champey. Deep in the jungle. 4. Roast marshmallows on Volcanoes. Guatemala is home of several volcano's. Some remain active, where you can indeed roast them in the heat emanating from the summits.

Flag Facts:Consist of 3 equal verticle bands of light blue, white in the middle with their national emblem of Guatemala comprised of a wreath of bay laurel branches, the Resplendant Quetzal(the national bird of Guatemala) a scroll with "Libertad 15 de septiembre de 1821" written on it, 2 crossed swords. When used for civil purposes, the flag should not contain the national emblem.

Culture: Guatemalan culture is a strong influence by it's history. Guatemalan people are largely mestizos, a mixture of spanish and the Mayan blood.FOOD:Most dishes include blak beans, white rice and corn tortillas. In breakfast, scrambled eggs, fried plantains, and fresh fruit, are very popular.Chicken and beef is the most popular meats. Fruit shakes are often called "licudos".MUSIC: Most common instruments are the chinchines, similar to maracas, Sonaja, similar to rattles, Marimba, and Ayolt turtle shell used for drums. Folk music is the commonly used type of music. CLOTHES:The Mayan blouse is calle a huipil. Skirts are Cortes. A fabric that is wrapped around the huipil is much thinner. It can be woven to it's patterned or ti-died. Women take hours to be weeving on their knees



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