Guatemala The Land of the Eternal Spring

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Guatemala  The Land of the Eternal Spring

GuatemalaThe Land of the Eternal Spring

Clima de GuatemalaGuatemala has normal climate. They have a climate that is not cold or hot. The climate is about 60 to 80 degrees.

El ClimaLluvia de GuatemalaGuatemala City obtains about an average of 1316 mm of rainfall per year, or 109.7 mm per month.

La Tierra Terreno de GuatemalaGuatemala has a mountainous terrain. Their mountains Sierra Madre Mountains cover majority of Guatemala. They are near the Tropical zone.

Chiles Rellenos Chicken Pepian Kak’ik

FlanTres Leches Cake

Tres datos únicosEven though Spanish is their language, they have 20 other languages they spokeGuatemala was inhabited for over 20,000 years.They are famous for volcanoes and their deepest lake.

This is the temple from the ancient Mayan city called the Tikal

This is a lake in Guatemala called Lake Atitlán.

This is a volcano next to a hiking trail called Acatenango which is the volcano.

El Mapa Y La Capital


La Bandera

La Comidas típica


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