[2015] Emmy Kappy: Guam- World War Two

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[2015] Emmy Kappy: Guam- World War Two

Guam- World War Two

The theme in the Island of Guam is to put others before yourself when they are in need. In the book, Code Talker, Ned and the other Marines helped the Chamorros, who were the Native people on the island. The Japanese treated them horribly when they owned Guam in 1941. When the U.S Marines got to Guam, they helped these people by feeding them and treating them with respect. They especially helped one little boy, whose whole family was killed by the Japanese. This little boy could have been a big distraction to the Navajos, but they decided to take him in for a little while. Also, when Ned and another code talker named Wilsie found their friend, Charlie, on the ground looking as if he was dead, they gave him a mini funeral by putting his dog tag in his mouth and covering him with leaves. They decided to treat him with respect instead of walking by. This all goes to show that Ned and the other Marines put others before themselves when others were in need.

The island of Guam was important to World War Two because it was a step closer to Japan, which was the final destination. Also, the Americans won the battle of Guam in 1944, so they won Guam back as American territory.

Why is was important


212 square miles


The island is tropical with temperature averages ranging from 79-83 degrees F. The rainfall is seasonal, their monsoon season (July-October) is the wettest season with rainy days averaging at 20 per month, and the humidity staying around 90 percent. The natural resources include coconuts, fish, sweet potatoes, sugar canes, bananas, taroes, and lemons.

About 22290, as of April 1, 1940



By: Emmy Kappy

The Chamorro Indian’s hometown was Guam, and in 1941, when the Japanese won the first battle on Guam, they started to treat the Chamorros badly. Ned can relate to this because when the whites came to America, they treated the Navajo indians very badly, by taking them on the long walk and putting them into boarding schools. It is nice that the Chamorros have Ned and the rest of the Navajo code talkers, so they can understand each other,.

The western Pacific Ocean. Guam is the largest tropical island in the Mariana island chain, and is also the largest island in Micronesia. Guam is 1550 miles south of Japan.


How the setting affected Ned

Chamorro was the language spoken on Guam

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Did You Know That:Guam is U.S. territory?

In these pictures, you can see some of soldiers during the battle of Guam.

The flags of the U.S. and Japan during the war.



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