[2015] Jake Pepe: Guadalcanal

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[2015] Jake Pepe: Guadalcanal

In Guadalcanal Ned learned that he has things in common with the locals on the island-they both keep their home close to their heart. It teaches him that in a situation where it is possible to never see home again, you realize how important home is. Ned learns to never let home leave your heart.

Guadalcanal changed the course of WWII in the Pacific. It helped the Americans win the war to exceed forward in winning the war. Guadalcanal was a training site for the U.S. armed forces. There they got to practice situations as if they were real including deploying onto the beach. This allowed the U.S. to get used to what would happen in Bougainville without going into the war cold. Being able to have this training made it easier for the Americans and prepared them for real battle. That way, they could keep proceeding in the war. Guadalcanal was a turning point to succeed in WWII

Effect on WWII

Theme :Home is close to the heart

GuadalcanalNed and the Code talkers

Guadalcanal had a huge impact on Ned Begay’s character and changed him throughout the tory. During his time on Guadalcanal Ned met many different people with all different professions that were part of the war, however one specific person named Gene-Gene had a huge impact on the rest of Ned’s journey.The reason Gene-Gene had such a great impact on Ned was that, Gene-Gene was also a Navajo and comforted Ned. Gene-Gene allowed Ned to make a connection to his homeland and his culture. This also lifted up Ned physically since he wasn’t used to war yet and felt uncomfortable and didn’t fit in yet. Ned also socially becomes more connected and friendly with his fellow marines and code talkers and feels like he is “in his place.” Overall Guadalcanal affected him in a good way.

Effect on Ned

Size of Guadalcanal: 2,060 sq milesPopulation: 477,000 Climate:Tropical rainforest; warm to hot all year roundLocation: Located in the Solomon Islands; located NE of Australia Natural Resources: Fish and timberLanguage spoken: Official language is English; some Melanesian and 120 indigenous languagesWhat Island is like now: Popular tourists attraction

Map of Guadalcanal

Arial of Guadalcanal today


Marines In Guadalcanal

Slideshow of events in Guadalcanal

Guadalcanal is a tropical island with an average temperature of 84.2 degrees Farenheit and high humidity. Guadalcanal's wet season runs from November to May. At this time of year, the island is more prone to experiencing cyclones

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