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Mechanical Engineer interviewBrad:What do you do as a mechanical engineer?Guest: I mostly read and write reports.Brad:How long have you been doing this?Guest:10 YearsBrad: What technology/equipment do you use?Guest: Computers, and The Lab.Brad: How long does a project take?Guest: It depends on the project, Big ones-a year, Small ones-A week.Brad:How many projects have you worked on in the past year?Guest: Only 1- billion dollar project.Brad: What subjects do you use in your job?Guest:Mostly reading comprehension but as an engineer in the lab you need to use Math, Science, Reading, All together. Brad: What level of degrees do you need?Guest: 4-6 years masterBrad: What kind of degree do you have?Guest: I have a 6 year master so I get paid more.Brad: What is your work habitat/Environment.Guest:I use the office for reports and the lab to do testing on a product.

Mechanical Engineering

BY: Ryan Nalley, And Brad Howell

List Of Mechanical Engineering Schools in the United States

1)Bradley University Department of Mechanical Engineering2)California State University3)Virginia Military Institute Mechanical Engineering Program



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