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Social Studies
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By Stephanie Lindquist

In the 19th century most people thought that it was god-given to expand america westward also called manifest destiny. This is important because it caused imperialism which was to gain political, military, and economic domination over the weaker territories.


Graft or corruption in the government started in the 1800s and it led to a bribery in the government. In the 20th century progressivism took place and said that government should bring social justice to everyone. This is important because we wanted this nation to be healed or in other words wanted this nation to become one with the government.

In the 19th century some people thought that every word in the bible was true and it was called fundamentalism. That led a debate with people who thought that science caused evolution and that was called modernism. This is important because it is a continuing conflict in schools that if they should teach fundamentalism or modernism. This caused public schools and bible schools to be created.

Technology has changed significantly since the 19th century. Thanks to competition everyone wanted the best product so technology was able to evolve because of it. People also wanted more of a profit ($) and also wanted to improve their materials so that they had the best products. (profit motive). This is important because we were able to evolve and make life easier through technology.

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In the 19th century the Laissez-Faire stated that the government shouldn't interfere with jobs/buisnesses. That led to monopolies which were people who wanted their buisness to be the best. In the 20th century Teddy Rossevelt believed that the government should be regulated. Which ment that the government needs to make sure that all buisnesses play by the rules. This is important because it stopped larger buisnesses from taking out their competition who were smaller individual buisnesses. This also gave people more opportunities to get/create jobs.


In the 19th century women were expected to obey the cult of dometicity which was an expectation for women to cook and clean and be this modest figure in the family. In the 20th century the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote. This is important because it gave women some freedom. Some women became a flapper or a woman who wore mostly revealing clothes. This finally allowed women to do what they wanted and didnt give them a specific role in life.


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