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Social Studies

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To organzie the history of the 1800s to 1900sJaylyn Inthichack Hour: 1




The shift was from corruption to power to the citizens. People used their power for their own personal use and tried hiding it from the government. Till the progessivism cleaned it up by giving power to the citizens who can pass laws, approve or reject laws, and they can vote to remove a public servant. The importance of this shift was giving the citizens power because now they have a say on what they believe and they can make the govermnet more efficent and safe.

In the 1800s to the 1900s there were many different shifts. One shift was candles to lightbulb who were invented by Thomas edison. Another invetion was the automobile invented by Henry Ford. Also another helpful invention was the telegrapgh but then it shifted to a telephone which was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The last invention was a the first successful airplane to stay in the air and which the Wright brothers created. The importance of these sifts were to show haw they made life eaiser for people and how it helped and it was big step to a new future.

The shift is about american moving from religiuos or fundamentalism roots to being more accepting of science or modernism. The shift is important because it showed how religion was a big topic in the 1920s and how it created conflicts with other people with different beliefs.

The shift was from unrestrained capitalism to mixed market. Unrestrained capitalism has no government , a lot of competion and mostly about profit. Till Teddy Roosevelts square deal and the progessives cleaned up and had new laws and sometimes had the goverment involves. The importance of this shift was to keep the econmy fair and even.

The shift was from manifest destiny to Imperialism . Settlers believe that they were destined to expand to the west. When there was no more land to expand the settlers expanded outside the broaders of America.






Religious and intellectual




The importance of this shift was imperialism because we used force to get what we want which was other countries outside the broaders of America.


Women were in a cult of domesticity and their roles were based on society. They shifted from being the perfect wife to a women who can make her own choices for their future.The importance of making decisions for themselves was that they could vote and just have funAfrican americans had two different leaders but with the same goal are trying to move foward.. WEB DUbois want Afriacan americans to fight and demand their rights, and Booker T washinton want to be patient and work for it . The importance of this shift is that they both want civil rights but they they have different opinions on how all afriacan americans should recieve their civil rights.Immigration was a big deal in the 20th century, immigrants came from all over. They would go the Ellis Island or the Angle Island. The shift is important because it shows how immigrants that were predominantly immgrants from Europe to immigrants that were from the Eurasia all came together in one city.


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