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The loyal servant of petruchio. He is the fool of the play. He is the person who will use all the malapropisms and does most of the comentary. He is the character who will most likely be the funniest durring the play, or part of the funny scenes.

"knock, sir! whom should i knock? is there man has rebused your worship?" -Grumio

If Grumio were a car, he'd be a purple punch buggie because it's such a foolish car and he is the fool of the play. this automobile would suit him nicely.

Grumio would be a windy day! The wind blows and blows and jumbles everything up. people walking in the wind have things flying every which way and it's pretty funny.

He'd be the color tye-dye!!!

If grumio were a month he would be april because april fool's day is in april and grumio is a big fool!



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