Grubs are uber scrubs

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Grubs are uber scrubs


You may think you know a lot about grubs, but do you? Grubs are actually beetle larvae, shocking isn’t it? Grubs start off as eggs laid by a female beetle. They hatch in soil after 4 weeks inside the ggs. They grow up into many different types of beetles you see every day. Grubs eat plant organic matter, mostly grass roots. Grubs are noctural, and hibernate like bears. Grubs are extraordinary but disgusting creatures.

You may not know why there were nasty looking grubs all over the MS fields two weeks ago. Well, here's the low down. The grubs had actually popped up because they were dying. At the end of September, they started eating the roots of the grass, which was killing the fields. This forced the maintenance staff to take drastic measures. The staff sprayed diazinon, a pesticide, on the middle school fields, slaughtering the grubs and causing them to appear aboveground. The grubs were quickly killed off by the poison, so the maitenance staff cleared them off the field. Now all is well with the MS fields.

TK & CL: What inspired you to eat the grub?AD: I saw it on Man Vs. Wild and I wanted to try it.TK & CL: How did it taste?AD: It was mostly tasteless.TK & CL: Did you get sick from the poison in the grub?AD: No.TK & CL: How big was the grub? AD: It was about and inch and a half long.TK & CL: Was it alive?AD: Yes, but it was dying.TK & CL: Did you actually eat the grub?AD: Partly. I put it in my mouth, but the grub bit my tongue, so shook my head violently and it fell out.TK & CL: What was the crowd’s reaction?AD: Mostly they freaked out and ran away.

Grub Info

"The grub bit my tongue, and I wanted to bite back."-Alex Davis

WARNING: You may be scarredFOR LIFE

Alex Davis Interview

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