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Lesson Planning

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GRR Presentation

Guided practice-Small group activities: jigsaw reading articles-Whole group activities: chromebooks to research information on specific topics addressed in the articles

Focussed planning of lessons-Align the standards and outcomes--access information, identify concepts-Key vocabulary needed-Introduction to the topics--Sexual health, Nutrition, etc.-Essential Questions are identified

Independent WorkFormative and Summative Assessments--Projects like Glogster---Connections to previous GRR concepts and skills

Using Glogster for Student Presentations

Gradual Release of Responsibility

I Do...

We Do...

You Do...

What is Glogster?

Collaborative Learning-Pair/partner activities: student-interviews, discussions, use of sentence frames.-Small group: student created scenarios and roleplays---Student evaluations

Ya'll Do...

Teacher Tools

Student Examples

How Glogs Work


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