Growing seeds

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Growing seeds

We watched how seeds grew in different conditions (soil, sand, soil and sand). In this experiment we want to watch what happens beneath the soil.

1. Cut the top off the plastic bottle. 2. Put a round piece of blotting paper inside the bottom of the cut bottle.3. Put the seeds down in between the bottle and the paper.4. Put a little water in the bottle.5. Record what you see happening to your seeds.

- A large plastic bottle- Blotting paper- Scissors- Water- A broad bean seed- A corn seed


We were able to see how the roots of the plant developed.We noticed the difference between the corn seed and the broad bean seed and made notes on them each day.

Corn seeds are called monocotyledonous and bean seed are dicotyledonous

Day 6

Method: What to do

Growing seeds:Watching seeds grow


Results and conclusion

Day 13

We noticed that the bean started growing roots. The corn seed only developed one root, which was thicker. We learnt that beans have more than one root stem and corn only has one.When the roots have developed enough we will grow them in soil.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3 & 4

Step 5


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