Growing Season Changes and CO2

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Growing Season Changes and CO2

What is Growing Season Changes?Growing Season Changes is classified as an increase or decrease in agricutural growth due to a change in the average climate conditions. It is important to note that changes in the growing season can affect the growth of crops.

How does Carbon Dioxide affect Growing Season Change?CO2 emissions are constantly increasing in today's world. This causes our Earth to absorb more heat from the sun. An increase in temperature would bring pests and extreme events. However, some crops would actually grow faster because of warmer conditions. The negative results outweigh the positive results.

Influences on Humans and Societies- A warming climate would provide perfect conditions for pests to thrive. If pesticides are added to farms, then human health can be affected.- Higher temperatures can also bring floods and droughts. These extreme events can bring food shortages due to the amount of damage they cause.- Our society can also suffer economically because the inability to grow food would force us to buy food from other countries, which makes the price of the food rise. - Food shortages can also occur and this poses a threat to national security. Our daily food intake would have to be reduced because of the fact that less food can be grown.

Farms are Changed by CO2: It's your Food too

Answer in the comment section: How would growing seasonchanges affect the way that a society functions? How would it personally affect you?

The results of extreme weather events like floods. Many crops would not be harvested and be damaged by growing season changes

Warmer temperatures would provide conditions for pests to thrive. The chemicals used for combating the pests is not good for the environment and human consumption.

The inablitity to grow food would force us to face food shortages. The only solution would be to import food from other countries. This would cause food prices to rise.

To learn more about growing season changes, visit:1.

Overview Humans burn many tons of fossil fuels to provide energy for industries, transportation, and electricity. These Fossil Fuels emit Carbon Dioxide (CO2) when burned. CO2 is a greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming. This can affect the way that humans grow their food. The Growing Season is classified as the period of the year that provides exemplary conditions for plants to grow. Farmers use the growing season to plant their crops at the times that would produce the best yields.


  • austinjwilliams 6 years ago

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    very nice very creative and organized

  • elantigua2017pcs 6 years ago

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    Depending on the state of the society this can affect a society in different ways. If the society is similar to that of a developing country that usually doesn't have good growing weather they may prosper in growing season changes. In addition, countries that usually do have good growing weather may go into an economic crisis because of these changes. I think this would affect me by forcing me to adapt to no longer having enough food.

  • ggibson2017pcs 6 years ago

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    Growing season changes would probably cause their to be anarchy in society when people are fighting for food. Depending on the societies some would be able to come up with a plan before total pandemonium breaks out.

  • mhopkins2017pcs 6 years ago

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    crops would have to be grown during different times and even then they might struggle to survive

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