Grover Cleveland

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Grover Cleveland

Grover ClevelandBad President,Terrible Human Being

Grover was a big guy and yet paid a fee to not have to serve in the Civil War. He was a bachelor until the age of 48 when he married a 21 year old daughter of his dead friend. Rather than use his influence to guide Congress, he just used his veto power. He vetoes 584 bills- more than all presidents before him combined and only second to FDR, a 4 term president. What a waste of time and tax dollars!He left office with the country in a depression but continued to weigh in on political matters, even opposing woman suffrage.

Grover first became president in 1885 and then again in 1893. He was the only one to serve two non-consecutive terms.

-He served as an executioner- He allegedly raped a woman, got her pregnant, made her give the baby up for adoption and then put her in an asylum


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