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Group 42

Rice salad by Wiktoria (Poland) Ingredients: 200g rice 250g mayonnaise 300g pickles 400g chicken fillet 300g canned maize (corn)How to make:Cook the rice and set aside to cool it.Chop the chicken filet into cubes,sprinkle with spices,fry in oil and set aside to cool.Cut the pickles into cubes.Drain the maize.Mix the ingredients and finally add mayonnaise and mix. Enjoy your salad!

Plain omelette by Carolina (Spain)Ingredientstwo eggsolive oilsalt How to makePour a bit of oil on a pan and get it hot. Stir the eggs and pour into the pan. Bend as it stars curdling

Fried eggs by Angela (Spain)IngredientsOne eggOlive oilSaltHow to makePour olive oil on a pan and get it hot.Then pour the egg and fry.




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