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Group 39

Group 39


Members:The Czech Republic:Markéta, Aleš

Spaghetti Bolognese Ingredients: 500 g of spaghetti 500 g minced beef or pork 2 onions 1 tablespoon mustard 350 ml ketchup 6 cloves of garlic teaspoon pepper tablespoons minced sweet peppers tablespoon marjoram salt oil hard cheese for sprinkling

How to cook: Before we begin with the preparation of Bolognese sauce , we'll have to boil water for spaghetti , we had spaghetti and bolognese sauce simmering at about the same time. We cook spaghetti in lightly salted water to which a bit of the oil to be sticking . Because the pasta cooking time may vary depending on the manufacturer , we cook spaghetti according to the data of the cooking time on the package.In a little oil (preferably less than more) Sauté finely chopped onion until it will be glassy . Then add the minced meat , pepper and fresh ground pepper . Minced meat fry approximately twenty minutes and continuously with a wooden spoon 're breaking lumps that tends to form . After twenty minutes, add mustard , stir briefly simmer and add the ketchup with utřeným or crushed garlic , add Bolognese sauce and season with fresh ground pepper and salt to taste . Cooked spaghetti drain and rinse quickly with cold water to sticking but also to warm. On a plate of spaghetti served a ball into the center of which we bolognese sauce. According to our practice , either directly sprinkle with grated hard cheese or cheese will offer diners separately to spaghetti sprinkled according to your taste .


Paweł :My favourite food is hamburger.My recipe: pancakes recipe - 2 eggs -2 glasses flour -2 glasses milk- a pinch of salt- 1 teaspoonful sunflower oil - chocolate cream

Directions: Beat eggs ,milk and flour with a mixer. Add a pinch of salt, vanilla sugar and continue mixing until the butter is fluffy. Pour a few drops of sunflower oil onto a preheated frying pan.when the oil is heated pour apprax.3/4 a glass of the butter.Evenlyspreadthe batter in the pan and cook till the bower side.When the pancake is ready, remove it from the pan and set a side on a plate.After frying,spread chocolate cream.Bon appetite;)

Put butter, eggs, milk into the bowl. Add oil, a pinch of salt vanilla, sugar and continue mixing until the batter is fluffy. Prepare the frying pan .Heat the oil. fry your pancakes for both side for light brown color.Serve with jam. Enjoy your pancakes

Bread with cheese you will need- bread, cheese, onion, garlic, red pepper, salt, pepper.Fry breadfry cheese, put on the plate Add salt, pepper and red pepper and eat !


My favourite food is pizza.My recipe:Pancakes recipe by Jakub Ingredients:two eggs, two glasses of flour, two glasses milkone teaspoon sunflour oil, half teaspoon ofvanilla sugar.How to make:.




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