Group 37

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Group 37

PizzaYou will need: 150 g ham 100 g cheese (cheese) 300 g zucchini 200 g tomatoes 100 g mushrooms 50 g capers oregano, basil Oil grease baking sheet ground cumin, saltMy recipe:Wash the zucchini, peel and cut them lengthwise into slices (about 3 x 6 cm). Washed tomatoes, cleaned mushrooms and ham slice. Finely grate the cheese.Prepare the dough, place on a plate sprinkled with flour and shape it as needed it. Then transfer to the baking sheet and brush the surface with oil. Put wheels tomatoes, zucchini slices on them and ham. Sprinkle with chopped mushrooms, oregano, basil and garnish with capers. Bake in a preheated oven. During cooking, you can rub the edges of the pizza several times with water or beaten egg. Before the final baking pizza sprinkle with cheese and let 5 min.

Group 37

Members:Spain:Alejandro, CristianPoland:Kacper, Michałthe Czech Republic:Roman, Vojta

Recipe for pancakes by Vojta:Recipe for pancakes Smooth flourMilkEggSaltOilFruitsWhipped cream Smooth flour, milk, egg and salt we whip to thin dought. We cluster oil in a pan and we fry thin pancakes. Pancakes we fill with fruits and decorate with whipped cream.

Yeast pancakes by Michael1.Take a bowl2.Put the flour into a bowl3.Make hole in flour4.pour yeast to hole, sugar and 1/2 milk5.leave for 20 minutes6.Break the egg,1glass of milk and add pounded apples7.leave for 1 hour8.fry two minutes every side

by Roman

Fried eggs by Cristian: My recipe is fried eggs Ingreddients:Eggs Olive oilHow to make:Fry eggs on a plate.

Preparation:Preheat oven to 170 ºIts hows in the glass of water, egg sand butter and mix 3 minutes speed 4. He added the mixture that comes in the box and all batspeed for 4 minutes Grease a baking sheet and pour the mixture into it.put it in the oven for 35-40 minutes depending on the oven and take it out

Chocolate Cake without gluten by Alejandro:Ingredients:•2 Eggs•165 ml of water•60 grams Butter



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