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Group 33


Fruit Salad by David

Potato Pancakes, by Mela

Ingredients:5 potatoes1 egg2 spoons flourpinch saltpinch pepperoil for fryingHow to make:Peel the potatoes, wash and grate them. Add egg, flour, salt and pepper to taste. Fry in hot oil on the frying pan from bth sides to make them brown and crunchy. Serve them hot with sugar or yoghurt. Enjoy your potato pancakes!

How to make:1 kilo apples, peel and cut them, next peel ¼ kilo oranges, pineapple. Peel 1 banana and slece it, add 1 glass strawberries, 0,5 pineapple, banana, oranges and apples.Next sweeten and pour cream, next mix and put in the fridge for thirteen minutes.

Ingredients:1 kilo apples¼ kilo oranges1 glass cream1 glass strawberries1 banana0,5 pineapple

Chicken Salad, by Carmen María

Ingredients1/2 yogourt1/4 cup of mayonnaise1/2 teaspoon of salt1/2 teaspoon of black pepper1/4 of onion (little), finely chopped1/3 cup of raisins1/2 chopped breast of roasted chickenLettuceHow to makeIn a bowl, combine the yogourt, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Then add this sauce to the chicken, lettuce and onion. YAM!!

Chicken Roast and Chips,by Oscar

1 chicken1 onion1 garlic1 red pipper per person1/2 glass of wineoilsalt1 potato per personHow to makePut all the ingredients in a baking sheet. Hot the oven at medium temperature and roast for one hour more or less.



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