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Georgian Khachapuri

Potato omeletteAlba and Rubén

Recipe:Potato Omelette-Eggs-Potatos

How to cook it:Fry the potato. Churn eggs. Mix the potatos and eggs.Finaly put them in frying pan.Mmm... Delicious!!

Georgian Khachapuri Ingredients:1 kgof flour 500g of cheese1 egg1 teaspoon of oil 1 g yeast50g margarine Method: 1.Make the soft dough from the flour,yeast and some water. Make the dough flat.2.Mix the grated cheese and an egg and put it on the dough.Then bring the ends of the dough together and make it flat once more.3. Put the oil on the warm frying-pan4. Put the dough with the cheese filling on the warm frying-pan,and bake it for 15-20 minutes5. When it is baked, put it on the plate, cut into six or eight slices and serve it.

from Nino, Mari and Giorgi



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