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Group 21


MACARRONI, SALMON AND CHEESE(Fco. Javier and Diego)Fco. giner de los Ríos-Mérida-Spain

Ingredients:300g of macarroni100 g of peas200 g of fresh salmonFresh cheese1clove of garlic2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.200 g of cream for cookingsaltPepperPreparation:Cook the pasta in water with saltPlace in a pan two tablespoons of olive oil. Put the garlic clove, when fried remove the garlic.Boil the peas draim and refresh in cold water to get a nice green.Wash and dry the salmon and cut into cubes. Put into the pan. Add pepper,the pasta and peas.Add the cream and the cheese in cubes.Serve hot..



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