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Group 2


Our Equipment

Ingredients:5 sausages500gc pasta1 spoon olive oil1 tin of tomatoe sause2 of water glass waterProcedure..Boil pasta for twenty minutes and add butterFry Sausages with olive oil in a pan and add tomatoe sauce and water.Cook for ten minutes.Mix all ingredientes and add salt. Bon appetit!

Alejandra. Villa del Prado, Spain:Tortilla de patatas:

- Chocolate cream- 7 biscuits- Chocolate powderWe throw the biscuits in the bowl.Next we break the biscuits and crush them. Next step is to put the chocolate cream and mix the biscuits and the cream. Make medium size balls. After we cove the balls with chocolate powder and put the balls in the fridge for two hours.Derek and Jon (Portugalete, Spain)


Ingredients: potatoes, 5 eggs , onions ,saltHow to do it: We put some olive oil in a frying pan, add chopped potatoes, chopped onios and salt. We fry everything together on both sides until golden brown. Then, remove the oil from the potatoes, beat the eggs well, mix all together and put it on the frying pan till it is golden brown.

Scuola Primaria RioneroMauro: My favourite dish is Spaghetti with wrustel.

Procedure for 4 people:Bring water to a boil, add salt and cook 400 gr. of spaghetti.Apart: brown 300 gr. of little cube wrustel in 50 gr. of olive oil.Add one spoonful of tomato souce and grated nutmeg. Season the spaghetti.Add grated Parmesan cheese and mix.It's delicious.Good appetite!



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