Group 16

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Group 16

Group 16

Our recipes:Countries and members: Spain:Dolores, Hugo, Javier,The Czech Republic: Patrik, Lukáš

.....Patrik didn´t write his recipe.. He has broken his leg and he isn´t going to school now:-(

MACARRONI SALAD (by Hugo)Ingredients:LettuceTomatoesOnionOlive oilVinagerMacarroniTunaEggSaltHow to do it:Boil the macarroni and the egg.Wash the lettuce, tomatoes onion.Cut them and mix all the ingredients.Good luck!

FILLET AND PATATOES ( byJavier)Ingredients:SteakPotatoesOlive oil SaltElaboration:Fry in the pan the steak with a few oil.Fry the potatoes with a lot of oil.We put everything on a plate and...We have it!

STRAWBERRY MILK SHAKE (by Lola)Ingredients:MilkSugarStrawberry.Elaboration:Puting the ingredients in the food mixer.Serve in a glass and cool.Enjoy your meal!

My favorite food:pizza,chips,fish,apple and I like chicken.:)mmm....My recipe:by Lukáš

You will need:cheese,flour,egg,breadcrumbs, Cheese slices thicker and prepare a three plates. 1 broken egg toss it in the first plate. Pour the flour on the second plate.And breadcrumbs are in the third dish .A slice of cheese. Pour flour on a plate, and then shuffled into eggs.A eventually put him into crumbs. Fry on the pan.

Group 16



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