Ground Water

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Ground Water

Ground WaterBy: Audrey and Abby

Geyser- A hot spring that squirts out of a stream of hot water, steams out of the ground. Aquifer- An underground layer of permeable rock, and the water flow is called hydrogeology. Hot Spring- Formed when excavation intersects a flowing body of groundwater. Soil- A mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and organisms that help support Earth. Water Table- Where the water pressure is equal to the atmospheric pressure. Impermeable Rock- Water cannot eaily pass through this type of rock, and it is made of marble. Permeable Rock- Can store water, and are made of sandstone. Zone of Saturation- Area beneath the Water Table, and it is completely filled with water.

-51% of the U.S's water is from Groundwater -64% of Groundwater is used to grow crops -A source of recharge for rivers, lakes, and wetlands -Important to numerous industrial processes -Groundwater is one of the most imporant sources of water for irrigation

- Its temperature varies throughout the seasons-Nitrates level low on surface water, but somethimes high on grounwater- Iron bacteria is constantly found in groundwater

1.) Cake mix 2.) Colored frosting3.) Eggs + Oil4.) Sugar5.) Butter6.) FlourThe rest of the cake ingredients, we came up with ourselves :)





Fun Facts!-Groundwater is a renewable source-Groundwater is found in sand and soil which is able to absorb the water-The estimated amount of groundwater is 79.6 billion gallons!

Our Cake! :)


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