GRO Foods Sales

by tcjordao
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GRO Foods Sales

Sales growthThis objective will be achieved by improving the shopping experience, expanding the number of retail outlets, particularly in high growth areas, and continually innovating to deliver great value products that meet the needs of our customers.

Expanding our retail network increases the impact we have on the environment, mainly through increased carbon emissions and use of water in both our direct and indirect operations. It also increases the importance of rising concerns regarding health issues such as obesity and diabetes.

We have amended our store development model to build only “eco-stores”, which use at least 70% less energy than standard stores, and as a result are experiencing a 22% improvement in the level of planning permission granted. We are also focusing on mitigating environmental threats to our stores to enhance the value of our property stock. Governments are legislating to reduce the salt and sugar content of food products and we face risks if we are not well placed to meet changing requirements. We are therefore developing our own-brand food lines to ensure they meet both the appropriate legislation and the consumer demand for great tasting, affordable food that meets a growing desire for more balanced diets.

Staying ahead of legislation and communicating the nutritional benefits of our products has resulted in an increase in the number of weekly customer visits from 18 to 18.5 million. The UK’s Food Standards Authority (FSA) is at the forefront of science in this area and we are applying UK guidelines across our operations worldwide.



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