GRO Foods Employees

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GRO Foods Employees

We aim to be welcomed in the communities in which we currently operate and into which we seek to expand. We do this by investing in the skills and welfare of our employees and by aligning our community involvement activities with community and employee interests.

We face competition for talent from all our major competitors. In addition, turnover of staff and absenteeism add significant costs to our business – at least £50 million in 2009. Managing these risks requires significant investment in training, over £14 million this year. We are seeing a return on this investment with reduced absenteeism and employee turnover, down to 3.3% and 10.4% from a baseline of 3.5% and 11.0% respectively. While we contributed directly £13 million globally to community activities, we are getting a significantly greater return to our business through improved employee morale and relations with communities. This has delivered substantial benefits to local communities and resulted in very positive media coverage, equivalent to an estimated £19 million spent on advertising in local and national press.

Supporting our employees and the communities in which we operate

Over 90% of employees in retail outlets come from the communities in which stores are located. Perhaps our most valuable direct social contribution is providing these employees with a safe place to work, where they can acquire skills that equip them throughout their careers and enable them to develop and progress within our company. These employees become our greatest advocates in the communities where we operate. Thus, promoting the welfare of our employees and serving our communities is fundamental to our reputation and our licence to operate. In recent years, we have also realized the benefit of linking employee engagement activities with community involvement.



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