GRO Foods Efficiency

by tcjordao
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GRO Foods Efficiency

As a retailer, we use significant amounts of energy, which in 2009 cost £40 million and equated to carbon emissions of 360,000 tonnes. While we could buy more “green energy”, we feel it is more prudent to seek to reduce our energy consumption and invest in our own renewable energy capacity. We are also reducing emissions from our transport by more efficient loading and the introduction of electric vehicles. Waste is another impact with which the retail sector is increasingly associated, whether from packaging, food waste generated directly by our own stores, or indirectly by our suppliers and customers. This year we created packaging waste of 650,000 tonnes, construction waste from new stores of 450,000 tonnes and sent 35,000 tonnes of waste to landfill. We have committed to halve the weight of packaging of our products, reduce our new build construction waste by 50% and divert all food waste from landfill to energy generation and composting by 2014.

We look to deliver ever greater value to our customers and improve returns to our shareholders by enhancing efficiency and lowering costs. To mitigate the impacts on our business of volatile and increasing energy costs and emerging carbon and waste reduction legislation, we are focusing on reducing our energy use and minimising waste.

Improving operational efficiency and delivering cost savings

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Medium-term, energy price volatility poses the greatest threat to our cost base. More immediately, legislation such as the UK’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) will take approximately £5 million from our 2011 cash flow, while UK landfill tax is set to double by 2013. When similar legislation is imposed across all our markets, as anticipated, the risk will be multiplied many times over. We will reduce our environmental impact and achieve cost savings by reducing the amount of energy used. The cumulative benefits of our waste reduction programmes have resulted in £10 million in cost savings in 2009.



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