Grizzly vs. Salmon

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Grizzly vs. Salmon

Grizzly vs. Salmon

The relationship between a salmon and a bear is a parasitism. This means that one animal benefies and the other animal doesn't benefiet.


Bear BonesScapula- acts like a shoulder for the bear. It connects the bears humerus with it's vertebrae without this the bear wouldn't be able to use its armVertebrae- holds together all of the bones that make up the bears neck, arms, and legsIschium- allows the bear to move around on four legs. This bone makes it easier for the bear to run away from it's predators and helps it survive easier

Fish BonesRibs- the ribs protect the fish's heart and other organsCaudal Fin Ray- makes the fish able to swim and steer it into directions with out this the fush wouldn't be able to move around in the water. It also helps the fish steer in the currents. Pelvic Girdle- this bone also helps the fish move around with out this the fish wouldn;t be able to move

Fish Skeleton

Fish-Ribs- Are something that fish, humans, and bears have. Most animals have ribs. Fin Ray- The Fin Ray is something that only fish have. So humans and bears don't have a fin ray.Pelvic Gridle- Fish and humans both have this bone. But bears don't have pelvic girdle but the have something similar to it. They have a ilium.

Bones-Scapula- makes up the bears shoulders. Fish don't have the scpula bone.Vertabrae- is a bone that the bear and the fish both have in common.Ischium- is a bone that only the bear has. This bone allows the bear to go on all fours.

Bear Skeleton


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