[2014] Arianna C (Ms. Pollard): Grizzly Bears

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[2014] Arianna C (Ms. Pollard): Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Bears

The name grizzly bear means strong,and agressive.

AppearanceCan grow up to ten feet. wheighs well over one thousand pounds. Grizzly bears are brown but belive it or not they could be black.

LocomotionGrizzly bears move on four fast legs they run fast to catch there prey and protect their babies.

DietGrizzly bears are omnivors. They eat berries, plants, vegetables, elk, deer, bison and salmon.

HabitatGrizzly bears live in forests and mountains. There are a lots of food in there habitat. They live in caves or burrows

Life CycleGrizzly bears usaully give birth in the winter or in the summer. They start as cubs than turn in to kids than turn in to adults and that is there life cycle.

EnemiesTheir enemies are humuns becuase we hunt them. And Cougars because Cougars eat Grizzly bears.

AdaptationsGrizzly bears are adapted to their habitat very well. Grizzly bears use their claws to scratch another grizzly bear if they are fighting. They also use their claws to climb and to tear their food apart.

Human Chocies that Affect Grizzly BearsAll the chocies that we make dont affect Grizzly Bears habitat they are fine in their habitats.

For my glog i got information from a book called wildlife of bears, a book called sreaching for grizzlies. I also used some websites, like a-z animals www.davidsuzuki.org, and the website called wildlife.org.

InterestingFactsGrizzly bears have excellent eyesight. Grizzly bears live for about 15-25 years. Did you know that Grizzly bears give birth in their sleep.


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