Grey Wolves

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Grey Wolves

Gray WolvesGray wolves are an endangered species. The reason why they are endangered is because people want their fur. Gray wolves are very large creatures. They are 26-32 inches tall and 4.5-6.5 feet long and around 55-130 ponds. They can live about 7-8 years old but some can live until 10 years old.Gray Wolves are carnivores. They eat animals like elk, deer, moose, caribou, beaver, and rabbits. They are also scavengers. Nothing really eats the grey wolf so its at the top of the food chain.Gray wolves live in the Northern hemisphere, Mexico, North through North America to the Artic, throughout most of Eurasia, and as far South of Southern India.The reason why they are endangered is because of people. People kill them for their fur.That's a little about the Gray Wolf.

1) They are the bigest animals in the dog family2) They are very intelligant predators3)When they are in packs, they can take down an animal 10 times its size



Some facts about gray wolves


Gray Wolves


Gray wolves howl to warn others.

Grey wolves hunt for their food. They stalk their prey and then they attack so that their prey wont have enough time to escape


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