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Grey Wolf Glog

By: Conor Fryer

Grey Wolf

Canis Lupis

HabitatThe Grey Wolf was found throughout Canada, the Northern Area of Greenland, and the States of: Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. It lives in large areas of forests and mountainous terrain. Its habitat must have an easy access to prey and shelter. A ideal place to see wolves in their natural habitat is Yellowstone National Park.

DietThe Grey Wolf eat mainly Ungulates, or large-hoofed animals, such as elk, deer, moose, and caribou. They can also eat small prey like beaver and rabbits. Grey Wolves are also scavengers, animals that eat the remains of dead animals.

EndangermentThe Grey Wolf had almost gone extinct in the 1930s, mainly due to man. Ranchers had always thought wolves were a large risk to their livestock. Grey Wolves were reduced to a small location in Northern Minnesota and Michigan. The species was granted protection in 1973, with the new Endangered Species Act. In 1995, fourteen wolves were moved from Alberta, Canada to Yellowstone National Park, as part of the reintroduction process. With the addition of many hunting laws and public education, the Grey Wolf had made a partial comeback with a estimate of 14,500 mature wolves in North America. Ranchers are also being taught how to coexist with Grey Wolves by installing electric fences, guard dogs, and scare devices to keep them away from their livestock. Organizations, such as the Defenders of Wildlife, have helped save thousands of wolves from being killed by raising awareness. They have been convincing society that wolves are not pests and vermin, but majestic creatures. Even though society has tried to help, in 2011, Congress had stripped the protection of Grey Wolves in the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes regions. Thousands have been slaughtered since this protection removal.

AppearanceThough the Grey Wolf's ancestor is the domestic dog, they howl instead of barking. They have strong jaws and sharp teeth for tearing and chewing through meat. The species is normally 2-3 feet tall and weigh anywhere between 55-130 pounds. The Grey Wolf has many subspecies, but their size and color depend on their habitat.

By: Conor Fryer

Life SpanGrey Wolfs usually live between 7-8 years in the wild and 12 or more years in protected areas.



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