grey squirrel

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grey squirrel

This is a squirrel in a tree

Gray squirrels eat with there paws.The Black giant squirrel is the biggist squirrel.Most squirrels eat squirrel corn.Now that were done with the basic facts now we can get to more interesting facts!Infact squirrels favorite thing is to eat and chew on a lot of things!They love to eat nuts all kinds they eat almost every kind of nut.

heres there house!

The moms can have 3-4 babies and are all cute!

gray squirrels love nuts a lot of nuts!

The Gray squirrel was first found in 1876 in the nourth America.Gray squirrels eat pine cones too.Gray squirrels are active during the day!Gray squirrels are predeters to badgers,redfoxes,pine martins and lots more!That is some of the facts!Thats all hope you learned a lot!

Gray Squirrel

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