Grendel Ch. 8

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Grendel Ch. 8

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GRENDELby John GardnerCh. 8 & the Scorpion

ø All governments are corrupt.ø The common people are opressed by the rulers.ø Even the most innocent can be like scorpions.ø There is a trap in wealth, power, and beauty.

"All systems are evil. All governments are evil. Not just a trifle evil. Monstrously evil." (p.120)

-The scorpion tends to be cold and reserved, mysterious-Still waters run deep-Element: Water-Color: Bright Red-Heroic traits: strength, courage, wit, assertiveness, temperamental

Machiavelism-It is better to be feared than loved-The ends justify the means-Do whatever necessary for the people

Pluto, the God of the Unerworld

"When rich people fight wars with one another, poor people are the ones to die."~ Jean-Paul Sartre

The 8th House-The House of Sex-Ruled by the Scorpio-Very focused on family ties and legacy-The power of the House and its wealth is crucial

Mars, the God of War

Main Ideas


What is a Scorpio?

Daniel Soberanes « AP Lit « 11/2015

-Red Horse and Grendel act as an extreme to mock the indecision of Hrothulf

"But satisfy the greed of the majority, and the rest will do you no harm." (p.118)"Nobody in his right mind would praise violence for its own sake, regardless of its ends!" (p.120)


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