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Grenada Timeline

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In 1948, Christopher Columbus reached the Carribean Islands. He and his crew stopped on the East bays of Grenada, and then continued on their journey. This was the first time non-natives found Grenada

In 1650, French settlers from Martinique, France defeated the Caribs of Grenada and established a colony. This colony is now called St. George's, the present capitol of Grenada.

In 1783, France gave Grenada up to Britian after the treaty of Versailles. After, many slaves were brought to Grenada to work on cotton, sugar, and tobacco plantations.


In 1795 an abortive rebellion was held against the Bristish throughout Grenada. The rebellion was lead by Julien Fedon, and African slave, it's purpose was to abolish slavery.

In 1834, slavery was abolished in Grenada after many long rebellions and protests. This meant no more slaves and a shortage of labor in Grenada.

In 1885, Grenada joined the British Windward Islands, a British colony. The island then became the administrative headquarters. This helped the state gain more attention.

In 1950, Eric Gairy founded the Grenada United Labor Party, otherwise known as GULP. Later, in 1951, GULP won six out of eight seats in the election.

On February 7, 1974, Grenada gained independance from Britain under Eric Gairy. Two years earlier was when Gairy had requested independance.


In 1983, the US invaded Grenada and took overthe communist government. Problems between the US and the Carraibean started with the coled war, wehn Maurice Bishop from the Soviet Union was placed as prime minister.

The History of Grenada

In 1884, Grenada recovered from the US attack and Herbert Blaze becam Prime minister after his party, The New National Party, won the election


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