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Gregory Nastase

Gregory NastaseThe Dangerous Days of Daniel X By James Paterson& Michael LedwidgeChapter 1

I think Daniel is a genious kid. For this reason he probably has little or no friends. He was 3 when his parents were killed.

Daniel's JournalToday I had a wierd day at my house. While I was working on the playdough lighthouse a tick came. He stood on his hind legs and spook to me. I was shocked for a moment. He said the strangest thing.

'' I wish that I didn't sometimes, but I remember everything about that cursed, unspeakable unhappy night twelve years ago when I was just three years old and both my parents were murdered''p.7 In case you've already noticed that I didn't speak like a typical three-year-old, well you should have seen what I was building.'' p.8


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