Gregory Mendel

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Gregory Mendel

Gregory MendelJuly 20, 1822- January 6, 1884Hynčice, Czech Republic

What he contributed to medicine:

Gregory was the founder of modern day Genetics. Found the fundamental theory of heredity and many laws.He discovered how traits are given from the parents to the children.

Major Achievements:

He attened the University of Vienna and studied science and mathematical statistics.Vice President of Natural Science Society in 1868.His findings were published in 1865, but he was not recognized for it until the 1900's

How Gregory Mendel used the scientific method:

The Question:

Research and the data:


Tests/ Conclusion:

He concluded that every parent has genes in every cell for a certain trait.

He thought that certain traits from a parent would be passed on to the child.

He planned and executed long expirements that included 8 years and tens of thousands plants.

In plants, what characteristics are inherited from generation to generation?


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