Gregory Energy

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Gregory Energy

The word photovoltaic comes 2 words. Photo refers to light and voltaic refers to electricity. A photovoltaic array system changes solar energy collected from sunlight into electricity. From World War II through the early 1970s, oil continued to provide a cheap energy resource, and the economy boomed. By this time, the U.S. met its oil demand through imports. The oil producing countries limited their supply of oil to the United States, and the economy suffered. The government designed policy to conserve and find alternative energy resources. They enacted the Solar Energy Research Development Act of 1974 forming the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) to investigate alternative energy. & 13;Solar energy facts for kids might include many things, depending on the age of the children involved. A small child of 6 years might understand only simple concepts such as the heat generated by solar energy. Older children of 14 to 17 can grasp the technology of solar panels and generators, and how they convert solar energy to electrical power. Alexis Madrigal did a lot of research for this book. The bibliography contains an extensive list of documents on alternative energy research. The bibliography and notes alone make the book worth buying. He is a senior editor for The Atlantic magazine, and a visiting scholar at University of California at Berkley. He is a former staff writer for Wired. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University.

Energy is special. There's lots of it about and it's very useful. Why? What's so special? Here's just a few reasons. it lets me swim fast and catch my fish it gets you out of bed in the morning it means that birds can fly, tigers can roar, wind can blow it makes the sun, the moon and stars shine it makes plants grow -- food (= stored plant energy) for animals it makes cars move, factories produce things, light bulbs glow, planes fly and your computer work. I'll bet you can think of many more! Without energy, there would be nothing: no life, no movement, no light, no heat, no you, no me… nothing. But there is a problem with energy. Some people have got used to using far too much of it. This means that there's not enough for everyone. And using some kinds of energy causes terrible pollution and makes the Earth's climate get hotter.

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Thay are both in some way alike. One way is thay are both energy thay are difrent in some ways difrent like for exampel the one to the right is powerd by the sun. The one to the left is powerd by the water. I hope that the cars are gona work on solar power.

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