Gregor the Overlander

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Gregor the Overlander

Gregor the Overlander

Eleven year old Gregor and his two year old sister Boots, natives of New York City, stumbled upon an underground world unlike their own where humans live among bats, rats, and spiders. While their goal is to find a way home, the pale-skinned natives, or "underlanders" have other plans for Gregor, the Overlander. It seems Gregor fits the description of a long awaited warrior mentioned in an ancient prophecy. Gregor must decide if he will take on the challenge to save the city of Regalia at the risk of his and his sister's lives.

In this Alice in Wonderland type story, Suzanne Collins has done a remarkable job of creating a world of fantasy. The readers feel as though they have fallen into the Underland with Gregor and Boots. Great character development creates an emotional journey for the reader as they laugh, fear, and cry with each of the plot twist. As the book comes to an end, readers are left with a cliffhanger, wanting to know more about this mysterious land and its curious creatures. This book is a great read aloud to capture the attention of relunctant readers, especially boys. Once hooked into the first book, students will want to check out the subsequent books in the series for their own personal reading.

created by:Heather Wise



written by: Suzanne Collins

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Book LevelsDRA: 50GR: VGE: 4.9Lexile: 630Interest: Grades 3 - 8

Book 1 of 5 in The Underland Chronicles

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